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Welcome to The-Fanart-Society!

Asami by Loputon
Cloud Strife by uxv
Immortan Joe! by UndilutedhatredThe Bookworm by Reese-chan
Mononoke by Miles-Johnston
dissolution by ellrano
vincent valentine by bablu81
Thranduil by tinyyang
Oz - the remake by Alicechan
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supernatural: Lucifer by MathiaArkoniel
Fire and Blood by SigmaK
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Blood Mage Set, Lina by erickefataJavik by MattiasFahlbergEvelynn by KORHIPERSesshomaru by DiegooCunhaSea witch Nami splash art by ShockowaffelSnape: Defense Against the Dark Arts by Cynthia-BlairToph by Loputon

We Love Fan Art!

Wed Sep 16, 2015, 3:58 PM by NamelessSaint:iconnamelesssaint:

Welcome to The-Fanart-Society!

:bulletyellow: Fan art can be so under-appreciated because we make art of our favourite characters in all types of media. But this is art, and we are proud to show it off!

:bulletyellow: Please, peruse our galleries before you submit your art, as this is the best example of our standards. We will only post quality work. Our motto, so to speak, quality is better than quantity.

:bulletyellow: What is fan art? Fan art is art based on somebody else's copyrighted characters. If you create art for Mass Effect then that is fan art. But, if you create an original character that you put in the Mass Effect universe then that is not fan art, but your own original character, and we don't host those works.

:bulletyellow: Please post to the submissions folder, please; and no photos or photomanipulations. Also, no artworks with excessive writing on them.

:bulletyellow: Be respectful to others, and, please, no flames, or hate speech!

Our Team

Hello, I'm :iconnamelesssaint: and I'm the founder of this group. When I first saw this group I could see such potential for it, and I hope to be a good guardian and steward of it, and to see that is flourishes.

As you can see, I've made some changes.  I have not made these changes to hurt the prior members of this group, because I value your input, and the art that you have contributed.  All I hope to do is to create a new standard for us, and to seek out fan art that is completely wonderful to look at.  

I have other groups, as well, please take a look and see. :iconimaginativeworlds: :iconparaosities: :iconconceptualfanart:

So, please bear with me as I strive to create one of the best fan art groups on dA.  And, if you can give me suggestions please do, as I am always open to new ideas.

Our team-mates:

:iconorbitalwings::iconelsaaaa: :iconjemleigh: :iconmikomilktea: :iconthreshthesky:

Our Standards

Okay, please read this: We are NOT :iconfanartsociety:, our standards are higher.  And, nor are we :iconqualityfanart:, our standards are even HIGHER.  So with this simple idea and knowledge, please see that your submissions do adhere to the strict quality that this group has maintained since I took it over.  Trust me, I have no desire to be a bitch about this.  But I will decline your work if it doesn't meet those standards.  

Note as 7/4/2015:  We are still being asked to host works that are not up to our standards.  So I am asking, again, please look in our galleries before you suggest your work.  If your work is not of equal par it will be declined.  It will not be accepted. Period.

And, please, don't take it personally.  Just think that this group maybe isn't for you, and that's okay.  We are not about numbers here, nor are we going to appeal to everyone.  Some of you are here because you enjoy the work that we host and some of you are here with the hopes that we will host your work.  I welcome all members who want to enjoy quality fan art.  But, just because you are a member, doesn't mean that we will automatically accept your art.  I'm sorry if this bothers you or makes you mad.  This is not my intention.  I just want to be completely honest.  But if you decide to leave there will be no hard feelings.  As I stated, maybe we aren't the group you are looking for.

My Involvement in the Group

I'm sorry I haven't been around here recently, but I've got some things going on in my personal life that need my attention at the moment.  So I've had to prioritize things, and this group has had to take a back seat, so to speak.  I'm not completely gone, though, as I try to check in and take a look at things as often as I can.  But I've noticed lately that the quality of submissions have, well, to put it correctly, not been up to our standards.  So, I'm forced to reiterate, again, to please take a look at our galleries before you decide to submit.  I've stated in the past I don't like declining submissions, and have recently let a lot of them expire.  My time here is limited, and I don't want to spend all of it declining your work.  So, please be respectful of our rules, okay?

Remember, no OCs, and no artwork with writing on it, like watermarks, yours or dAs. And please, no photographs, photo manipulations, or advertisements.

A Big Thank You!

We have been totally blessed to have had the the help of the amazing :iconperfixel: in creating the new look for this group.  I couldn't be more pleased than I am now for the changes that were made.

Go on and take a look at our new gallery folders, they are amazing!

And our favourites folders look just as good, as does the whole group.

We are indebted to this incredible person for their hard work and dedication, don't you think?

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